IDOLM@STER One For All Wiki

All Star Lives are special Live events that take place twice a year at the end of Summer & Winter (week 12). Your goal is to achieve the hakoyure condition and you have all 13 idols, including the ones not under your care yet, at you disposal. Divide them across 3 set of live events and your grand total will count towards the goal condition.

Unlike Rank Up Fes, Voltage does not carry over to the next set.

Festival List[]

Rank Goal Reward
E3 Achieve 1.5 Hakoyure (15,000 points)

5,000 fans, 1,500 money, 1,500 exp

Get "Only My Note" song

D3 Achieve 4 Hakoyure (40,000 points)

12,000 fans, 5,300 money, 1,600 exp

Get "Check My Note" costume

C3 Achieve 7 Hakoyure (70,000 points)

22,600 fans, 9,900 money, 3,000 exp

Get "Jibun Restart" song and "Pink Diamond" costume

B3 Achieve 10 Hakoyure (100,000 points)

38,100 fans, 16,700 money, 5,000 exp

Get "M@sterpiece" song

A3 Achieve 15 Hakoyure (150,000 points)

61,100 fans, 26,800 money, 8,000 exp

Get "Destiny" song

S3 Achieve 40 Hakoyure (400,000 points)

84,300 fans, 36,900 money, 20,100 exp

Get -NOTHING- ("M@sterpiece" song again)