iDOLM@STER features monthly DLC catalogs with a variety of items you can purchase to add to your game.

How to DownloadEdit

To get the DLC, you must have a Japanese Playstation Network (PSN) account with which to access the Japanese PSN store. You will need a Japanese address to fill out the account sign-up form, though a fake one will go through as long as things like zip codes are real. Japanese PSN does not take non-Japanese credit cards, so to purchase anything without one you will have to buy PSN yen cards.

To download the actual items, you first need to download the matching catalog information (which is always free), followed by purchasing and downloading the actual item. After installing both the catalog and item(s) you want, they can be used by any account on that PS3, so you are free to play on a non-Japanese PSN account for your main game and still use DLC.

Catalog 01Edit

Release Date: May 15, 2014


Image Name Type Cost
Img guest01
Ranko Kanzaki Guest Idol + Song 1,200JPY
Img clothes01
La Reine Rouge Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Img clothes02
Starpiece Memories Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Img clothes03
Sunny Jade Vine Costume - Floral 750JPY
Img clothes04
Bikini of Siren Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Img clothes05
Flourish Flowery Costume - Extend Free (LE Product Code)
Img music01
DREAM Song 1,800JPY
Img accessories01
Ancient Rose Accessory - Head 300JPY
Img accessories02
Nostalgic Star Accessory - Body 300JPY
Img accessories03
Dark Rose Wristlets Accessory - Hand 300JPY
Img accessories04
Antique Garter Accessory - Leg 300JPY
Img accessories05
Accessory Set #01 Accessory - Set 980JPY
Img money01
200,000 Money #1 Money 450JPY
Img money02
400,000 Money #1 Money 800JPY
Img mail01
Mail from Haruka EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail02
Mail from Chihaya EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail03
Mail from Miki EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail04
Mail from Iori EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail05
Mail from Yayoi EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail06
Mail from Yukiho EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail07
Mail from Makoto EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail08
Mail from Ritsuko EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail09
Mail from Ami EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail10
Mail from Mami EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail11
Mail from Azusa EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail12
Mail from Takane EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail13
Mail fro Hibiki EX Mail 300JPY
Img mail14
EX Mail Address Pack Mail Pack 2,980JPY

Catalog 02Edit

Release Date: June 25, 2014


Image Name Type Cost
Img guest02
Serika Hakozaki Guest Idol + Song 1,200JPY
Img clothes2-01
Tea Time Happiness Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Img clothes2-02
Summer Breeze Colors Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Img clothes2-03
Noble Chic Rombus Costume - Luxury 750JPY
Img clothes2-04
Ion Tail Image Costume - Starry 750JPY
Img clothes2-05
Beyond the Stars Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Img clothes06
Courduroy Country Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Img clothes07
Violet Lightning Costume - Starry 500JPY
Img clothes08
Puzzle Del Sol Costume - Starry 500JPY
Img clothes09

Song & Costume Pack 01

(Violet Lightning + Kimi*Channel)

Song + Costume - Starry 2,050JPY
Img clothes10

Song & Costume Pack 02

(Ion Tail Image + MEGARE!)

Song + Costume - Starry 1,750JPY
Img clothes11

Song & Costume Pack 03

(Beyond the Stars + Overmaster)

Song + Costume - Extend 1,980JPY
Img music2-01
Kimi*Channel Song 1,800JPY
Img music02
MEGARE! Song 1,200JPY
Img music03
Overmaster Song 1,200JPY
Img accessories2-01
Marble Two Heart Accessory - Head 300JPY
Img accessories2-02
Lovely Sweet Patch Accessory - Body 300JPY
Img accessories2-03
Candy Pop Band Accessory - Hand 300JPY
Img accessories2-04
Candy Mellow Rings Accessory - Leg 300JPY
Img accessories2-05
Accessory Pack #02 Accessory - Set 980JPY
Img money01
200,000 Money #2 Money 450JPY
Img money02
400,000 Money #2 Money 800JPY

Catalog 03 Edit

Release Date:  July 29, 2014


Image Name Type                      Cost


Going to the land of Everlasting Summer

Additional Scenario

Dearly Stars Guest Idol + Song 1,200JPY
Abyssal Majesty Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
765 Color Glitter Costume - Luxury 750JPY
Sailor Swimsuit Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Princess Melody♪ Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
765 University Jersey Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Burning Performer Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Cyber Starship Costume - Starry 500JPY
Machiuke Prince Song 1,800JPY
Kami SUMMER!! Song 1,200JPY
Nana Iro Button Song 1,200JPY
Positive! Song 1,200JPY
Shellwork Earings Accessory - Head 300JPY
Moon & Star Chain Accessory - Body 300JPY
Teardrop Ring Accessory - Hand 300JPY
Aqua Flow Garter Accessory - Leg 300JPY
Hagiwara's Helmet Set Accessory - Head 200JPY
Blue Bird's Wings Accessory - Body 200JPY
Wish Upon a Star Stick Accessory - Hand 200JPY
Sticky Ami/Mami-chan Accessory - Leg 200JPY
Snorkel Accessory - Head 200JPY
Dolphin Balloon Accessory - Body 200JPY
Double Scoop Ice Cream Accessory - Hand 200JPY
Diving Fins Accessory - Leg 200JPY
Accessory Pack (New) Accessory - Bundle 980JPY
Repeat Accessory Pack 1 Accessory - Bundle 680JPY
Repeat Accessory Pack 2 Accessory - Bundle 680JPY
200,000 Money In-game Currency 450JPY
400,000 Money In-game Currency 800JPY
Song Costume Set 1



765 Color Glitter

Song Costume Set 2

Nana Iro Button


Princess Meolody♪


Song Costume Set 3



765 University Jersey


Catalog 04 Edit

Release date: August 26, 2014


Image Name Type Cost
EX Episode 1 Solo songs + Additional Scenario (13) 4,980JPY
Anzu Futaba New Idol + Song 1,200JPY
Summer Grace One Piece Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Shiny Rockstar Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Meteorite Shower Costume - Starry 750JPY
Forever Star☆☆☆ Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Prima Concerto♪ Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Punkish Gothic Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Windy Cherries Costume - Floral 500JPY
Vault That Borderline! Song 1,800JPY
Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou? Song 1,200JPY
Watashi wa Idol♥ Song 1,200JPY
I Want Song 1,200
Ribbon & Straw Hat Accessory - Head 300JPY
Margaret Chocker Accessory - Body 300JPY
Summer-Colored Nails Accessory - Hand 300JPY
Margaret Anklet Accessory - Leg 300JPY
Another Ritsuko-chan's Glasses Accessory - Head 200JPY
765PRO Banner Accessory - Body 200JPY
Haruka's Cooking Utensils Accessory - Hand 200JPY
Usa-chan Slippers Accessory - Leg 200JPY
Accessory Pack (New) Accessory - Bundle 980JPY
Repeat Accessory Pack Accessory - Bundle 680JPY
EX Episode Set A Solo songs + Additional Scenario (5) 1,800JPY
EX Episode Set B Solo song + Additional Scenario (4) 1,800JPY
EX Episode Set C Solo song + Additional Scenario (4) 1,800JPY
200,000 Money In-game Currency 450JPY
400,000 Money In-game Currency 800JPY
Song/Costume Set 1

Valut That Borderline!


Shiny Rockstar

Song/Costume Set 2

Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou?


Forever Star☆☆☆

Song/Costume Set 3

Watashi wa Idol♥


Prima Concerto♪

Song/Costume Set 4

I Want


Punkish Gothic


Catalog 05 Edit

Release date:  September 25, 2014


Image Name Type Cost


The Road to the

School Festival Queen

Additional Scenario 2,980JPY
Kana Yabuki Guest Idol + Song 1,200JPY
Nao Yokoyama Guest Idol + Song 1,200JPY
Lady Grisaille Costume - Extend 1,500JPY
Pastel Bikini Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
My Dear Vampire Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Starlight Agent Costume - Extend 1,000JPY
Saint Iris Costume - Floral 500JPY
Twilight Safari Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Jungle Survivor Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Sky Puzzler Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Baby Blue Jaguar Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Desert Traveler Costume - Luxury 500JPY
Horoscope Caster Costume - Starry 500JPY
99 Nights Song 1,800JPY
Kyun!  Vampire Girl Song 1,200JPY
L.O.B.M Song 1,200JPY
my song Song 1,200JPY
Monochrome Blossom Accessory - Head 300JPY
Two-tone Ribbon Broach Accessory - Body


High Lace Bracelet Accessory - Hand 300JPY
Ribbon Ankle Zebra Accessory - Leg 300JPY
Vampire Mouthpiece Accessory - Head 200JPY
Heart of the Vampire Accessory - Body 200JPY
Bloody Nails Accessory - Hand 200JPY
Flying Bats Accessory - Leg 200JPY
Accessory Pack (New) Accessory - Bundle 980JPY
Repeat Accessory Pack Accessory - Bundle 680JPY (free until 10/14/14)
200,000 Money In-game Currency 450JPY
400,000 Money In-game Currency 800JPY
Song/Costume Set 1

99 Nights


Twilight Safari

Song/Costume Set 2



Pastel Bikini

Song/Costume Set 3

Kyun!  Vampire Girl


My Dear Vampire

Song/Costume Set 4

my song


Saint Iris


Catalog 06Edit

Release date: October 28, 2014


Catalog 07 Edit

Release date: November 25, 2014


Catalog 08 Edit

Release date: December 25, 2014


Catalog 09 Edit

Release date: January 29, 2015


Catalog 10 Edit

Release date: February 25, 2015


Catalog 11 Edit

Release date: March 25, 2015


Catalog 12 Edit

Release date: April 28, 2015


Catalog 13 Edit

Release date: May 26, 2015


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