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Haruka Amami Produce Details. Be warned there will be spoilers.


Morning Events

  • Missed the train
  • Jogging with Makoto and Yayoi -> "電車に乗る時に座席に座らない" (translate here)
  • Taking Shelter from rain under tree

Evening Events

  • Getting a drink -> 紅茶 (Black Tea)
  • Walking Home
  • Shopping with Yayoi
  • Prolonged Lesson -> "タクシーを呼ぼう" (Call a taxi)



Event Name Choices
At CD Shop No choices
Making Food [TOUCH] Chest
Practicing Autograph "全体を見て書く" ()
Practicing Singing No choices
Rumored Café Restaurant "セーラーカラーのマリンワンピース" ()
Putting on Shoes Wrong No choices
Additional Lesson "シュークリームだ" ()
Poem Writing No choices
How to Cure Clumsiness "気にしすぎない" ()
What to Train? [TOUCH] Chest
Reward "ハンドミクサー" ()