IDOLM@STER One For All Wiki

Lessons have changed from iM@S2. They are limited to one per-week, but do not technically take up time. The lessons themselves boost stats instead of changing base stats, and last for a set amount of weeks.

Dance Lesson[]

Boxes appear around the screen, and an arrow sequence appears before you have to press the buttons in-time with the beat.

Visual Lesson[]

On either side of the screen, commands for camera and facial expressions appear, connected to a button press. You have to press both the camera and expression buttons before the shadow giving that command fills up red. When the colored bubble does not show a button, press any button besides the one that matches the color of the bubble (ex: pink = press anythin but square).

Vocal Lesson[]

Notes fly from the right into the marker. You hold each note for the length of the note. The breath meter will empty over time, and you must press L1 or R1 to refill it.