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Makoto Kikuchi Produce Details. Be warned there will be spoilers.

Makoto ofa stage.png

Idol Introduction[]

  • CV: Hiromi Hirata
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 44kg
  • Birthday: August 29th
  • Blood Type: O
  • Three Sizes: 75-57-78
  • Hobbies: All Sports, Plushies


"I want any challenge, a dress, a swimsuit, anything!"

Despite being a female idol, Makoto's popularity with females only increases, causing her to hesitate on how to be an idol. But when she gets a fan letter from someone who deeply understands her, will her situation head in a direction she never considered...?!

Initial Stats & Skills[]

Dance Visual Vocal
23 20 19


These can happen before and after jobs.

Situation Choice Time of Day Notes Key Words
Voice Only Morning Listen to the voice before the choice to know who is speaking
Vending Machine 緑茶 Night Look for 真 in the text
Waiting 乙女みたいだな Night
Prince and Princess まんざらでもないんだろ? After work Affection up for Yukiho and Miki
Act of Mercy None Morning
Running to work None Morning
Jumping rope at night None Night
Present None Night Receive マイクチョコ・集中
Testing strength with Housework None Night Affection up for Yayoi
Handmade Bento None Morning
Training together None After work Affection up for Chihaya



The key words column includes Japanese words that may help in determining which contact event you have before a choice occurs. They are written in Japanese, with the romanization (hepburn) and the meaning in paranthesis afterwards.

Situation Choice Notes Key Words
Dark Terrible Guy [TOUCH] Hair (by ahoge) ヤツ (yatsu, guy)
Power Contest [TOUCH] Fist
Dozing off [TOUCH] Mouth
Present 鉄のバレッタ
Present 2 白のワンピース
Interest from a Foreigner 彼氏のフリをしよう! 外国人 (gaikokujin, foreigner)
Street Dance 楽しかったみたいだな!
Thief よくやったぞ! 泥棒 (dorobou, thief)
Crane Game 真も女の子だってことだな
Aiming for Chihaya? そうだったのかー Affection up for Chihaya and Miki
Special Unity Technique なかなか面白そうだな Affection up for Hibiki 必殺技 (hissatsuwaza, secret technique)
Imitation 雪歩 * ものまね (monomane, imitation)
Is Makoto Cute? もちろんカワイイよ!
Sports Gym None
Scout None
Shampoo Scent None
Walking in the park with Yukiho None Affection up for Yukiho
Guaranteed KO Step None
Training Intermission None

*The Imitation contact may not be constant. Pay attention to who she is imitating to know for certain which answer to choose.


Promo Name Rank Cost Fans Money Earned EXP Notes
真の撮影のお仕事 E 0 90 270 130
真の雑誌のお仕事 E 250 450 50 180
真のタイアップのお仕事 D 0 200 600 290
真のグラビアのお仕事 D 560 990 110 420