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Mami Futami Produce Details. Be warned there will be spoilers.

Mami ofa stage.png

Idol Introduction

  • CV: Asami Shimoda
  • Age: 13
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Birthday: May 22nd
  • Blood Type: B
  • Three Sizes: 78-55-77
  • Hobbies: E-mail, Games




Initial Stats & Skills

Dance Visual Vocal
20 16 14


These can happen before and after jobs.

Situation Choice Time of Day Notes Key Words

Morning Events

  • Fated Meeting
  • Just Voice -> "真美" (Mami)  [NOTE: Mami will not be on screen and you must tell based on the previous line's voice, however, she can pretend to be Yukiho. If 雪歩 (Yukiho) is not a choice, it's probably Mami]

Evening Events

  • Getting a drink -> "ダイナソーダ"
  • Difference between Love (恋) and Affection (愛) -> "恋なんかまだ早い!"
  • Lost child mami



The key words column includes Japanese words that may help in determining which contact event you have before a choice occurs. They are written in Japanese, with the romanization (hepburn) and the meaning in paranthesis afterwards.

Situation Choice Notes Key Words
Event Name Choices
Surprise Quiz [TOUCH] Legs
Replying to fan letter at Café "真美だけのファン?"
Hide and Seek No choice
Indpendant history study No choice
Radio Broadcast "恋愛なんかまだ早い!"


Promo Name Rank Cost Fans Money Earned EXP Notes
E 0 90 270 130
E 250 450 50 180
D 0 200 600 290
D 560 990 110 420