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Mami Futami Produce Details. Be warned there will be spoilers.

Mami ofa stage.png

Idol Introduction[]

  • CV: Asami Shimoda
  • Age: 13
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Birthday: May 22nd
  • Blood Type: B
  • Three Sizes: 78-55-77
  • Hobbies: E-mail, Games


"Born in America, raised in London, the mysterious... uhm... what was it again?"

Since twin siblings Ami and Mami's character are similar as idols, there are few jobs for them...! Mami, worried that if something isn't right, requests Producer to help her differences from her sister stand out. At some point it's named the "Achimaka Plan", that plan's direction is...?

Initial Stats & Skills[]

Dance Visual Vocal
20 16 14


These can happen before and after jobs.

Situation Choice Time of Day Notes Key Words
Voice Only 真美 Morning

Listen to the voice before the choice to know who is speaking

(beware of her imitating Yukiho!)

Vending Machine ダイナソーダ Night Look for 真美 in the text
Made to clean with Ami 俺も一緒に掃除をする Morning Affection up for Ritsuko and Ami
Fated Meeting None Morning
Spending Money None
Work lover None Night
CD Shop None Affection up for Iori and Hibiki
Love song Lecture None Night Affection up for Takane and Yayoi
Lost child Mami None Night



The key words column includes Japanese words that may help in determining which contact event you have before a choice occurs. They are written in Japanese, with the romanization (hepburn) and the meaning in paranthesis afterwards.

Situation Choice Notes Key Words
Surprise Quiz [TOUCH] Leg
Missed high-five [TOUCH] Forehead
Not feeling good [TOUCH] Forehead
Replying to fan letters at the café 亜美と真美のファンではない?
Radio Broadcast from the office? 恋愛なんかまだ早い!
Bookstore 俺も同じ奴を買うよ
New Greeting あいさつ (aisatsu, greeting)
Voice Lesson セクシー系
Imitation あずささん ものまね (monomane, imitation)
Studying old grammar with Takane 『いらっしゃる』 Affection up for Ami and Takane
Present リップ
Body Attraction Study まねすべきところは他にある
Script 抱きしめる
Senior Citizen's home 今度は亜美も呼ぼう
Independant Study None
Tag None
Guerella Live None


Promo Name Rank Cost Fans Money Earned EXP Notes
E 0 90 270 130
E 250 450 50 180
D 0 200 600 290
D 560 990 110 420