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This page details the Producer Rank and Season Goals.

Producer Rank

Rank Conditions Notes
1 Can only raise IR to E1
2: Beginner Producer Clear first season goal +1 Song, At next season start +1 Idol
3 New shop items
5: Novice Producer New shop items
8: Center Field Producer New shop items
11: Skilled Producer New shop items
14: Popular Producer New shop items
17: Super Popular Producer
20: Idolmaster
23: True Idolmaster

Season Goals

Each Season, Takagi gives you a goal to aim for. You can raise your Producer Rank by completing these goals, which will also allow you to add another Idol to your line-up.

Goal Conditions
1 今シーズン中にギャラ3000マニーを獲得せよ!

This season, earn 3000 money!

Receive 3000 money from events

This season, earn 5000 money!

Receive 5000 money from events
2 新たなスキルを3個獲得せよ!

Learn 3 new skills!

Learn a total of 3 skills

Learn 5 new skills!

Learn a total of 5 skills
3 フェスに3回勝利せよ!

Win 3 Festivals!

Win in 3 festivals

Win 5 Festivals!

Win in 5 festivals
4 ランクアップフェスに2回勝利せよ!

Win 2 Rank Up Festivals!

Win 2 Rank Up festivals

Win 3 Rank Up Festivals!

Win 3 Rank Up festivals
5 今シーズン中にファン100000人増やせ!

This season, gain 100,000 fans!

Raise fan count by 100,000

This season, gain 125,000 fans!

Further raise fan count by 25,000
6 ランクDのお仕事を2回成功せよ!

Complete 2 Rank D jobs!

Complete 2 Rank D jobs

Complete 3 Rank D jobs!

Complete 1 more Rank D job