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This page details the Producer Rank and Season Goals.

Producer Rank[]

Rank Conditions Notes
1~4: Novice Producer New shop items at Rank 3
5~7: Novice Producer New shop items at Rank 5
8~10: Center Field Producer New shop items at Rank 8
11~13: Skilled Producer New shop items
14~16: Popular Producer New shop items
17~19: Super Popular Producer New shop items
20~22: Idolmaster Rank Up condition change.

At rank 19, you need to overachieve to rank up to 20 & above. Just achieving your goal will only let you retain your level.

New shop items at Rank 20
23: True Idolmaster

Season Goals[]

Each Season, Takagi gives you a goal to aim for. You can raise your Producer Rank by completing these goals, which will also allow you to add another Idol to your line-up.

There are a few different types of goals, with the specifics changing based on your P rank, Idol ranks, and general progress. Each of them have a variety of variables, most of them are numbers however one will be an english letter and another will be in Japanese kana characters.

Every goal you receive will have an initial clear condition, as well as a bonus condition. For example, in the money earning goal, the first part may ask you to earn 3500 money, afterwards it will ask you to earn 5000 money total (including the 3500). All of the bonus clear conditions, with the exception of the points goal, are cumulative with the previous goal.

Goal Changing Variable Conditions


This season, earn [M] money!

[M] = Amount of money to earn Receive [M] money from jobs

Learn [S] new skills!

[S] = Number of skills to learn Learn a total of [S] skills

Win [J] [T]s!

[T] = Type of Job

  • フェス/Fes
  • オーディション/Audition
  • ライブ/Live
  • ランクアップフェス/Rank Up Fes

[J] = Number of jobs to complete

Win a [T] type job [J] amount of times

This season, gain [F] fans!

[F] = Number of fans to gain Raise fan count by [F]

Complete [J] Rank [R] jobs!

[R] = Rank (S to E)

[J] = Number of jobs to complete

Complete Rank [R] jobs [J] times


Reach [P] points during a job

[P] = Total points to earn In a single job, earn a total of [P] points