IDOLM@STER One For All Wiki

Story Layout

Season Breakdown[]

Due to the endless format of the game, for the most part seasons are all the same outside of visuals. However, the job selection changes based on season. You can check the Jobs page to see which jobs appear during which seasons.

During the first week of each season, you will receive a Season Goal, which can be one of a variety of types. The specifics of the goal after the first four or so is based on your idols ranks and general game progress. In the last week of the season, you will be evaluated based on if you cleared the seasonal goal, and can gain a producer rank during this week.

Occassionally, depending on your P Rank, you will also be able to add a new idol to your roster during the first week of a season.

Below are more specific unique characteristics of certain seasons.

Spring Year 1[]

During your first year in spring, you will have a few special events happen during the first few weeks.

Week Special Event Notes
1 First Job (promotion), Add 1st Idol
2 the debut (audition)
3 the next (live), Add 2nd Idol
4 the STARt (fes), Add 3rd Idol
5 (?) All Star Live

Summer and Winter[]

During the summer and winter seasons, the 12th week is reserved for an All Star Live. You will have no other choice but to do one of the All Star Lives you have available to you.