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Yukiho Hagiwara Produce Details. Be warned there will be spoilers.

Yukiho ofa stage.png

Initial Stats & Skills

Dance Visual Vocal
14 21 17


Morning Events

  • Just Voice -> "雪歩" (Yukiho)  [NOTE: Yukiho will not be on screen and you must tell based on the previous line's voice]

Evening Events

  • Getting a drink -> "緑茶" (Green tea)



Event Name Choices
Thin Looking (Dance Lesson) Let choice time out
Voice Lesson with Takane "ゴメン。聞いてしまった"
Listening to music at CD Shop [TOUCH] Shoulder
Forgotten purse "確かにダメダメだな"
Café "僕が注文する"
English Day "俺が注文"
Book Store in the Rain No choice